Looking around I see that I’m not the only one who’s found this a little less than ideal, with the Instrument Definition Manager and also Studio One Helper around to help get around the issue. Midi cable is detected but when I press keys on keyboard nothing happens. The only options are as I outlined in my earlier post. The reference manual shows a “Master Keyboard” mode of Clavinova. The simplest way of using it is to just use it as a standard MIDI controller. I don’t transfer pre-recorded tracks, only tracks on the fly as I play. Looking at the specs though it seems that the CLP only records in proprietary format bup.

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Mi interface is M-Audio Uno and has no button.

Copying recorded music from Clavinova –

Hopefully I will be able to help others in the near future based on my next experiences. If you do not agree, do not use the software. Thanks for your answer. But when I play the keyboard, there is no sound coming out.

Secondly, if you have an audio interface, you can then plug the output of the keyboard’s audio into the input of your audio interface, and record it that way.

I used finale when working with windows and I’m using now Macbook with I have it working as a ‘normal’ MIDI device at present, setup as both an instrument for output and a Keyboard for input.

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I have installed the software Yamaha Musicsoft Downloader. If you wish to export your recorded tracks as MP3 files, you will also need the plug in Lame, which is available via the same link http: I can’t enter notes with Musescore with my keyboard.

I hope you’ve figured it out already, but thought I would tell you that I had the same problem with Musescore not recognizing my MIDI cable at first. If you can tell what modules are connected in what order and how the MIDI module is connected to your keyboard it will help assess the issue.

Charles 2, 1 7 However, you are right, having easy access to control of all the bottons in the Montage is essential to really exploit this syntesizer. If that fails, then try to find a video on Youtube for Musescore instructions.

Hello iPhDogoode and lecyclisteThank you all for contributing to this thread and for continually updating us on your process as you work with this module.

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Hi Paul It’s the simplest setup by now: Skip Windows 10 X Data received by means of the SOFTWARE may not be duplicated, transferred, or distributed, or played back or performed for listeners in public without permission of the copyrighted owner. So this may be why Audacity doesn’t see your keyboard.

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Hi Adam When I press a note it stucks for ever.

Of course Audacity only records audio not midi which i think is what you wanted? When I read your post I saw that you had no trouble to make it work under Windows It also comes with a copy of Cubase LE so that sorts your sequencer software all in one bundle Does any of that help? Audacity won’t see his keyboard because it records only Audio so it’s looking for anything on the audio inputs.

My key related gear in alphabetical order: It may sound obvious, but have you got the cable plugged into your keyboard properly?

Can’t enter notes with Yamaha Clavinova keyboard and Midisport uno | MuseScore

Follow the clavimova in the exact way it portrays to perform a task, and you should be okay. Yamaha always amaze me at how they can force the user to yajaha through a very convoluted route to do a very simple thing.

Fri Jul 28, 2: As I read that Yamaha Midi driver is not useful in models without a usb entry, I uninstalled it and the problem is still there. Have you tried the M-AUdio forums? Midi cable is detected but when I press keys on keyboard nothing happens.

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