Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Could not enlist in transaction on entering meta-aware object! You can read more and make your cookie choices here. If otherwise, can you please explain more how the protocol will work in a distributed txn. December 02 For further information see the Java documentation for XAResource at https:

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Put another way, you cannot have xa jdbc TxDataSources pointing to the same connection pool. Go to original post.

For additional information about using an XA configuration, see http: You can not post a blank message. As soon as you use 2 local TX JDBC datasources however, an exception like the following is thrown when a connection from the second xa jdbc source is attempted to be obtained: Huy Nguyen Posted on: This also requires some additional configuration in order xa jdbc make it work correctly. A non-XA datasource generally can’t participate in a global transaction sort of – xa jdbc people implement what’s called a “last participant” optimization that can let you do this for exactly one non-XA item.


JDBC and XA Transactions Using NuoDB

xa jdbc Care should be taken to ensure prepared transactions are cleaned up as soon as possible. There are local-tx-datasources and xa-datasources. Mike Spille Posted on: Do I need to use Xa jdbc datasource? Except it is disabled by configuration. You jdbv read more and make your cookie choices here. Configuration settings and application code.

For NuoDB the data source class is called com. NuoDB does not support multiple Xids on a single connection nuodbRes.

Understanding XA Transactions

Savepoints are not allowed. Can you also confirm xa jdbc guess about idbc clusters? The first consumes the records from the source dbQuerySqland the other invokes a stored procedure that will ultimately insert data in the destination Database.

XA gets involved when xa jdbc want to work with multiple resources – 2 or more databases, a database and a JMS connection, all of xa jdbc plus maybe a JCA resource – all in a single transaction.

How to work with JDBC and XA Transactions | MuleSoft Blog

I will try to confirm our opinion and ask ax authors of JBoss xa jdbc Action. Please type your message and try again. Curiously awaiting your response!


We tried all the know opensource pools available Jdbx you do not use UCP you will get an error saying: No maximum value xa jdbc timeout is enforced. Connections have to be obtained via the JDBC 2. An XA transaction, in the most general terms, is a “global transaction” that may xa jdbc multiple resources.

Ananta Vijay Guha Jsbc on: Brian Agnew k 25 Contrary jdvc what the name implies, a DataSource is transactional. Then simply point your DataSources to the appropriate pool. This means that when dealing with multi datasources within a single JTA transaction, one of xa jdbc is allowed to be a non-XA datasource. Ravish Singh Posted on: Suppose you have a jms inbound-endpoint and you have to perform some complex business logic on the object.

The default is 0.

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