There’s a new 5. Do you support all the needed register access orders used by drivers? And that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. I am using a Windows 7 64 Bits host with a Windows 10 64 Bits VM and I am experiencing the same problem of sounds crackling and sometimes not working since the Windows 10 anniversary update. Realtek HD Audio Guests: Don’t do anything, just force it to scan.

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I’ve monitored each release to see if it would fix the problem. And they’ell be also able to uninstall the “physical” devices from their guest OS by turning off the emulation when unchecking the associated emulations offered by VBOX in its configuration panel. Note that although the discussion isn’t useless it really doesn’t virttualbox here.

I am finally able to get the audio working by doing the following, Looks like the problem resides in the HD Audio Driver. I’ve uploaded the log file anyway. These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones.

When more than one audio source opens up such as streaming audio from a player and then audio starts on a web browser the audio starts crackling worse – sometimes it gets so bad that the streams become unrecognizable and you can’t actually tell what is being played.


This has just worked once, then failed again after restarting Windows no more sound. Search Google for screenshots on your Windows host. Last edited 2 years ago by thedavix previous diff.

Adding an option for an AC97 controller that Windows virtualbpx bit actually has a driver for that actually works might be a better short-term solution.

Given that the Realtek drivers seem to work poorly or not at all for many users I don’t think it makes any sense for VBox guys to add them to guest additions audo people that really want to try them can install them themselves. Realtek HD Audio Guests: Retested with VB 5.

And possibly, this indicates a stability problem in the exposed ICH6 emulation used in VirtualBoxor the driver assumes some behavior ordering of events? Anyway, I’ve converted all my PCs now to Windows 7 host. Thank you for the support. What happens if the guest OS itself uses its own local virtualization notably for memory-mapped device registers?

AC97audioWindows7. How VMware Workstation solved this problem? Because of chop sample rate conversion maybe? I’m not even sure that VirtualBox can deliver secured “HD” audio over the virtualized device without breaking the authentication chain, if the driver installed on the guest is not itself “certified” by Microsoft WHQL, or at least digitally signed with a software certificate from as “reliable” PKI provider.

I just tested 5. This can only be virtuapbox by a bug in the device emulation on the host. Please attach a VBox.


Log file is attached. Not from a saved or suspended state.

Avoid this redirecting link which generates invalid requests and breaks the download, so that the ZIP file appears corrupted, apparently caused by a broken anti-bot script; I note that the redirector sometimes generates HTTP server errors, or causes the ZIP file to be truncated after just a couple of megabytes. If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response.

# (Crackling sound with Windows 10 anniversary update) – Oracle VM VirtualBox

Vvirtualbox think this is a problem with interrupt handling. I’ve tried every combination of troubleshooting in the book to resolve the virtuwlbox. The crackling sounds are for me now really gone.: Hope for a comprehensive audio overhaul! Don’t do anything, just force it to scan. Note that the original Intel ICH6 hardware had known severe hardware bugs, documented by Intel, and some drivers have been tweaked to autodetect these caveats in order to avoid complete system lockup, notably when handling bus mastering.

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