I ended up with the receiver on top of a filing cabinet 1. The Emtac web site has details of the worldwide distributor network. Page 28 – Step 4 To connect with the external acti The functionality of this is arguable for driving but could become essential for other uses such as Emergency services, municipal workers, engineers, mountaineers etc. A refreshing change for these figures to be quoted conservatively.

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Built-in Antenna external antenna optional. New “always on” mode provides instant fix when reconnecting. They carry a good range of stock so you can actually check out options side by side.

What do btgpd get in the box? I am not quite sure how long it took to get the first fix from factory delivery, I powered the Emtac on, set my stop watch and went to make a cup of coffee.

I have been informed that there is a new product in development which has a removable battery that could overcome these issues, combining this with the new HP iPAQ which has better power management may be a much better solution.

Caution Do not strike or drop batteries. First Impressions The day the Emtac arrived I had to go out on business and only got back at 8pm so didn’t have much time to play with it.


Switching on the WAAS functionality is easy just a matter of configuring it with the supplied utility. Glossary Almanac data A set of information that transmitted by each satellite on the orbits and state of every satellite in the GPS constellation.

Recent Drivers  HP P4515TN DRIVER DOWNLOAD

There were no instructions for connecting devices other than a Pocket PC. Bggps provides the ability to receive all satellites unambiguously and to give some resistance to noise and multipath. Then, feeling a bit despondent, when I was on the phone describing the problem to a friend and attempting to reproduce the error I suddenly found that the error did not occur and the serial port had been opened successfully.

Despite warnings in the manual I have been told that the receiver can be powered from the iPAQ cigar lighter power supply so it can be charged up during long journeys.

Btggps I’d say they’ve made clever design options in the power department, providing for a plentiful built-in battery life and ensuring that it’s easily and cheaply extendable. Configuration The receiver works straight out of the box so configuration is not required, but Emtac provide a utility to allow you to monitor and set some features of the receiver.

Emtac Trine Bluetooth GPS II (BTGPS II Trine)

Great advice ,fair prices and super fast delivery. Page 6 batteries contain a strong colorless alkaline solution electrolyte.

Would I buy one?

Moving into the trees lost the differential fix and dropped back to the 3D location fix. Where can you buy them? Almanac data allows the GPS receiver to rapidly emtav satellites shortly after it is turned on. External Antenna Port D: The first fix straight from the factory was so quick I didn’t manage to time it less than 2 minutes. Connecting it to the portable was much more challenging.


The only thing I can assume is that somehow Bluetooth is multiplexing the serial ports, I have not worked out which end is doing the multiplexing, other than knowing that it is not the Emtac. Do not try to open or break the receiver.

Don’t show me this message again.

Emtac Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Open Sky, Stationary Reacquisition: Even more interestingly I accidentally opened a second GPS application on the iPAQ and somehow that also started to receive GPS data I haven’t actually used it actively yet so I am not sure about the stability of this set-up. GPS Side – You just flip the switch in the back and the lights turn on, see rmtac following picture click to enlarge: You can choose Comment, here, and answer my question.

When I returned after 2 minutes the receiver had already got a fix.

I decided to take this one stage further and moved the receiver deeper into the office. The question is can you wait? Power-off position of the Power Switch.

Read on and find out

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