As a user, it’s unbelievable to me that these guys have so much time on their hand for childish flamewars. Some time, some sociologist may want to use that material in a thesis about group dynamics in open source development In this case it’s bloody disgusting that code was put on the backburner in favour of waiting for somebody else to complete their alternative solution just because A liked B better than C. In the end, some of the developers decided to just improve the version of the driver currently in-kernel rather than continuing to deal with Markus. Posted Nov 17,

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I can think of another drawback: Cliques are a hard problem to beat and generally impossiblewe can see so many examples of this screwing projects over.

The ownership of the em28xx driver, I have a couple of devices here and I know what’s required to get those things work, there are also some requirements about backward compatibility. Posted Nov 13, 1: Markus was one of the authors of the original em28xx driver, first merged for the 2. I distinctly remember many devices having legacy as well as newer drivers supporting more devices, it does not hurt anybody to get his new driver in as an alternate driver and give the choice to the user.

They ended with Markus submitting some code which made non-backwards compatible changes to that code something some of the other developers em28xz like ; one of them proposed a simple change that would add better backwards compatibility, but Markus basically said “take it as it is or leave it”.


The whole issues at that time gave him the opportunity to work on his own stuff even more to let the existing em28xx code left behind. It is not hard to see this fm28xx as an attempt to retake control of that driver and, perhaps, restart the discussions from past years. This driver works with a number of video acquisition devices based on Empia chips; many of those are not supported by the kernel now. The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Wm28xx 24, Posted Nov 17, So, there’s no sense on accepting those duplicated drivers.

Eventually, Markus came back with a new approach which moved much of the tuner code into user space. Hans Verkuil The sad story em288xx the em28xx driver.

The sad story of the em28xx driver

During the time while working on it the driver already started supported more and more devices, and that small gap at the beginning became as a base for the entire code, everytime I tried to rework some bits in it it broke alot devices. Ok I acknowledge that is what’s wanted and how it should be done.

In response to this rejection, Markus claimed ownership of the em28xx driver and asked that it be removed from the mainline kernel.

So the user-space approach, like its predecessor, was not merged. So at that point there was already a large codebase depending on it, and a merge request has been sent. But such problems are common to drivers which have spent a lot of time out of tree; they are simply something to fix. So this code was not merged. Em28x that time nothing was a problem because there were only analog devices available.

Recent Drivers  C-MEDIA CMI8338 DRIVER

This was basically my try to make development me28xx and not driven by one single person.

EM28xx cards list — The Linux Kernel documentation

As a user, it’s unbelievable to me that these guys have so much time on their hand for childish flamewars. This attempt to exercise control over freely-licensed code was slapped down by Andrew Morton and others, but it left unpleasant memories behind. Just one, I have to write that Michael Krufky was also involved into why it turned bad.

Someone could dig into em28x whole topic at least for a week fulltime. Well, Marcus’ userspace stuff was rejected, due to a duplicating existing code in a way that’d make life difficult for developers and b the only real “benefit” being the ability to have closed-source blobs in drivers.

In particular, users of the code — people with a material interest in it — maintain it. This is, also, the way that kernel developers are me28xx expected to do their work. Em28xxx Nov 16, This made inclusion of reiser4 more-or-less impossible: So I think your real objection isn’t to the developers’ allocation of their time, but to the way they choose to conduct their lives. If you are abusing developers’s and users’s trust it becomes suddenly much harder to integrate code in kernel.

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