He was a proud man that evening as his son won his first feature race that evening. I had a pretty good reputation and I guess they thought that photo was something that would help sell books. I am not saying wing racing is easier. Yeah, it was double ammo. Like I said, I was getting ready to get my pro license. It is probably because they did not grow up learning to run without a wing. How long were you in the modifieds before you got into sprint cars?

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Hey Ascot48, thanks for the photos bubby jones sprint car the 27 car! This was one sweet lookin Trevis Craft car. Back to Eldora, why did you like it so much? Did you know it was time to quit then? Planted firmly in his cockpit, Jones had a brilliant idea. Aprint that bring in any extra customers?

We still, in our operation the Cowherd Racing team with Tony, make bubby jones sprint car lot of our own stuff and we change the stuff that we buy. In fact, my first decent break came when Cannon was driving for this guy and he had won everything there was to win around there. We got to be pretty good friends. I don’t know if that was the right number or not; however, even as long ago as that was, he was worth every penny of it.


Like I said, I am not saying they are not capable of driving those things, but they have no following to bring to that deal at all.

When we came down into one after taking bubby jones sprint car green flag, Bettenhausen hit that stuff and went from second to about tenth. They are making a lot of money doing what they are doing. How far can he go?

I had been driving for a guy named M. First Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next Last. I used to drive for a guy in Tennessee.

Bubby Jones

Better rides were hard to get. Not a member register Here. NO negative comments allowed in this thread,. Even right down to the green bubby jones sprint car they rolled out of the trailer for the car to sit on! How different are the drivers?

He is probably going to be in his toughest years here in the next year or two. What made Eldora your favorite and West Memphis, Arkansas you least favorite?

And Jones, who is a very nice, kind man, is a legend on and off the track. Non wing racing there is a lot more wheel to wheel action.

Recent Drivers  USB200M DRIVER

Ronnie Rea was the driver, and he was one of the first that I had ever seen back a bubby jones sprint car car into a corner without lifting! You got behind the wheel of a midget on more than one occasion and did pretty well including a win in the Turkey Night Grand Prix.

They were basically just sprint cars then. You could run as fast as you would want to go.

Bubby Jones «

I did it two laps in a row. Anyone that ever saw Bubby drive will never forget it. Most people, it takes two a couple to make a living out here. I signed up with them and I have been here ever since. He was a proud man that sprjnt as his son won his first feature race that evening. How long were you in the modifieds before you got into sprint cars?