I have the same problem with a Dell E internal reader. Karl Hill, the next step is to fully commit bisect from kernel 3. For more on why this is helpful, please see https: So it is not easy to know exactly what device is present in a computer. In case anybody finds this via search, Dell put out a firmware patch Windows only right now that upgrades the chip. Native to Ubuntu

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We appreciate the difficulties you are facing, but this appears to be a “regular” non-security bug. This bug also affects me.

How to Fix Dell Broadcom USH Driver Problems

Once testing of the latest upstream kernel is complete, please mark this report Status Confirmed. Karl Hill, in order to allow additional upstream developers to examine the issue, at your earliest convenience, could you please test the latest upstream kernel available from http: This issue is still present as of 5.

I just updated to VirtualBox 4. So for anyone who broaxcom following, the answer from Dell and huge shout out to Steven from the Linux team there at Dell who called me direct. Ticket new defect Opened 6 years ago Last modified 13 months ago.

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Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. If testing on your main install would be inconvenient, one may: This problem is not guest-OS specific. Let’s continue the discussion in the forums that’s their purpose. I tested the Comment on this change optional.

Recent Drivers  RTL8111E LINUX DRIVER

I guess a special command has to be send to the reader to activate the RF field, maybe to limit the power consumption when no contactless card is used. My googling through the community indicates that others have had this problem and it has never been solved. No, you should look in the host.

This will allow for a more expedited analysis of the root cause of your issue. Firmware upgrade Dell now provides a firmware upgrade Dell ControlVault2 Driver and Firmware that includes a fix for the smart card reader. Garrett Warnell warnellg-t on Broadcom The device name is used by all the 8 Broadcom devices in my list.

Maybe the firmware upgrade will fix all of them. When I connect any other USB device, including a different smartcard reader it doesn’t throw this error. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Use. For example the reader Broadcom Corp idProduct 0x is bogus.

Where X, and Y are the broadcon two numbers of the kernel version, and Z is the release candidate number if it delk. If this issue is fixed in the mainline kernel, please add the following tags by clicking on the yellow circle with a black pencil icon, next to the word Boradcom, located at the dll of the report description: I am able to attach this USB device to Virtualbox, and I can also see the Card Reader from the device manager and 3rd party smart card reader software we use on the windows 10 VM.


Skylake is the problem, existing drivers no longer work with the new chipset. Installed on 0 days ago InstallationMedia: After I booted into Windows usb for me, separate harddrive for buddydownloaded latest drivers from Dell for Precision http: Did exact same steps on “bad” computer Precision and got the error.

Karl Hill karl-hill wrote on Thanks for the help and keep up the great work, and if you have any pointers on Dell hardware, I’d love to hear them.

Please let us know your results. Even Microsoft has a TechNet article about it with a really nice troubleshooting chart. Conclusion 3 Broadcom devices are in the “unsupported” list.

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