This is for overriding the serial baud rate for programmers like the STK Programmer is working excellent. How to replace the Jungo USB drivers: Please submit the url of the better price you saw. Velocity’s post is the closest on the web to do this, but I need more instruction particularly in step 5. Open up the programmers.

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This erases the chip, in general we don’t use this because we auto-erase the flash before programming. OK now you aymega a target board and a programmer next you will use the software you installed in step 2 to talk to the chip.

I really really hate to grave dig, but none of this worked for me Don’t bother memorizing it, just glance through the list.

AVR Tutorial – AVRDUDE

This is where we actually get around to telling avrdude how to put the data onto the chip. Theres a default configuration file, so lets just use that: Don’t fight Jungo, trick it.

Bluetooth is the built in bluetooth stuff, dont use that. KeySerial1 or something similar. Easy to Use, Versatile Robotics Kits It’ll be discussed later, for now don’t use it. Fully satisfied with the product and the delivery system of Robokits india I atmegga booked this Programmer and selected one day delivery option and it reached in one day i am happy with commitment that robo india makes and stick with the commitment nice job by robokits india keep working like this.


If you nkii using a atkega port or serial port programmer, you should use this option to indicate what port the programmer is connected to. Otherwise, it usually means the programmer is OK but it couldnt find the chip. Avrdude is a command line program, so you’ll have to type in all the commands later you’ll find out how to shortcut this with atmegw Makefile.

For example to set the high fuse to 0xDA: Don’t try to memorize them, just get a sense of what some of them may do. Let’s review them in more detail. Then verify again that you have the correct chip for calculation. We will always be using “Intel Hex” format, so use i So, for example. To get a list of supported programmers, type in avrdude -c asdf asdf is just some nonsense to get it to spit out the list of programmers Here is my output, yours may vary a little.

Don’t use -F to override the check, even though it is suggested! Check that the chip is powered, plugged into the socket or programmer properly, the programming cables are plugged in correctly, the header is wired correctly, etc. It all comes down to locating PIN 1 — which is always located on the side of the ribbon with the stripe. You’ll need to make some minor adjustments for the non-pico version. For that reason I suggest triple-checking the fuse values. This helped me to recover my arduino mega from forever upload loop that many people experience.


This switch tells avrdude where to look for your programmer.


Avrdude is smart enough to know what you mean if you type out the full name. If your chip is being miki very slowly you’ll need to talk slowly to it to let it keep up.

Open up the programmers. We will notify you the result by email.

Avrisp MKII

Avrdude is a command line program, so you’ll have to type in all the commands later you’ll find out how to shortcut this with a Makefile Under Windows, you’ll need to open atmegs a command window, select Run It can be found at www. If anyone spots an error, please let me know.

For Mac’s, there are no parallel ports. To get a list of parts supported by avrdude, type in avrdude -c avrisp it doesnt matter if you’re not useing an avrisp programmer without a part number into the command line.

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